Local Law 11/98 Inspection, Reports with TR-6 and Approval from NYCDOB

Scope of Work included:

  1. Development of overall schedule of work that included the approximate location of scaffolding drop.

  2. Reviewed existing documents including DOB previous cycle report, history of repair, and any other relevant available documents.

  3. Prepared relevant documents for inspection. Façade Inspection including scaffolding drop at appropriate location and documentation of existing condition of exterior walls, window air conditioners and appurtenances of buildings in accordance with § 27-129 of the Administrative Code and with the Department of Buildings (DOB) Rule 32-03. The inspection team recorded the existing condition on drawings and prepared a photo log with descriptions.

  4. Prepared Local Law 11/98 critical examination technical reports in accordance with the Department of Building (DOB) Rule 32-03, using NYCHA templates. If the condition was UNSAFE or SWARMP, we provided cost estimate with quantities and unit costs.

  5. Attended review meeting with client. Finalized the report based on client’s comments.

  6. Filed Technical reports with Department of Buildings (DOB) in accordance with all rules and regulations as set forth by the Commissioner of Buildings and get approvals from DOB.

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